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5 Ways to Become a Six Figure Acupuncturist

Have you wondered how you were going to become a successful doctor when you went to school with very little business skills or marketing training, you're in debt and you're tired from boards? I understand this quite well! I didn't want to accept the fact that every day that I wasn't making money, I was accruing more and more debt. I knew my image, attitude and overall demeanor was affecting my ability to attract clients. I had to stay on top of my game and focus on what was important to me; building a solid business and giving amazing service.

One of my dear friends who has been retired for a few years, an ophthalmologist who built a hugely successful practice told me once, "Ashley, the key to success as a doctor is this: treat every patient with utmost care, as if they are the only people in the world that matter."

And his advice is what I have worked with for years.

Every person that steps foot in my office is precious. Their world, their story and their pain, their dreams and everything they aspire to become; matters to me! I care deeply and will do whatever I can to help them and support them in their mission on earth. That is MY mission!

I wanted to give up within the first year of practice, I was making only $200 a month on average, and I was lucky when at least one person would come in for a shamanic treatment. I had to start thinking big, to start ASKING for what I wanted and stop giving everything away so I could afford a sandwich. Things HAD to change.

I started to get serious about my sobriety. I decided no longer to drink, and this included to be sober from emotional toxicity like dating men who didn't treat me well, or spending time with friends who were disrespectful or toxic themselves. I chose to fully embody and enmesh myself in the process of my own healing.

I also then began asking for help from all resources around me, like writing down all the things I had that were free such as the air I breathed, the courage within me, the fact that my rent was really low, I had no car payments, I had my health...I had to start refocusing my attention on what I HAD rather than what I didn't have and suddenly....things started changing. I also started working with a financial advisor who helped me for FREE for two years, as well as hired an affordable coach from Brazil who charged me only $164 for four one hour sessions which allowed me to budget for larger costs and still receive the work I needed.

I also started going to 12-step programs for addiction and emotional sobriety. I found myself enmeshed with unhealthy men who left me feeling confused often, and I couldn't focus, so I took this aspect of my life seriously and things started to change dramatically. I started putting my work and my life FIRST.

It was a blessing to be dating one particular guy who dumped me because he didn't like how I was unhappy. But this was a blessing.

One day he said to me, "Ashley, I want to date someone HAPPY. You are always so upset, and you're not happy. I'm not interested in you and I'm moving to another country. Sorry."

When he said this to me, it struck a chord. And just like that, I said fuck it and got to thinking about what I could do...

I decided I was going to make myself happy. Not only would I be happy, but I would help others to be as well. This is when I began to offer what I love the most...Shamanic Journeying courses.

At first I only had three people, including my roommate sign up. The DAY of the first class I wasn't sure if anyone would come, but I held it in my living room anyway, and continued to act as if it was happening. And it did. Beautifully.

One of my clients who attended was homeless, jobless, carless, and was pregnant. She still managed to attend, pay in full the mere $375 for 8 weeks of shamanic journeying once a week for 5 hours, and even still referred clients to me.

This was the start of a souring career, and a life of stepping into my power that I had never before felt or imagined I could do.

I still thank my ex for being so blunt and for dropping me like he did. I would have never stepped into my power like I had. At first it was about getting him back, but quickly it was about enjoying the ride and enjoying myself.

That's the key.

You cannot be successful if you don't absolutely LOVE your work.

Money loves power, and it is attracted to people that love what they do. This way-I can offer an amazing service, show up fully and get paid well. Who would have thought?!

They don't teach you this in schools. I didn't know this until I tried it myself!

So what are the 5 keys to building a six figure practice?

Well, for starters, it doesn't matter if you're an acupuncturist or a shoe salesman, you need support, and you need people to believe in you to surround you. That isn't to say that you should be co-dependant. NO! But we all need people around that genuinely want us to succeed.

Ok... so you know you need to focus as well, but what do you focus on?

1. Everyday you MUST focus on the goal, whether that is a short term goal for the week or a long term vision for your company and you MUST step into what it feels like to be the type of person who is already there. That's right, ALREADY there. That energy is what will help you stay in the frequency of the dream you are trying to create now.

2. Never say "I can't afford this/that." Why? Because you are sending a message to the universe that you're broke. You can change that to, "I'm not interested in purchasing this right now." OR something more positive and empowering.

Remember: Money loves power, so feeling empowered attracts it.

3. Educate your patients and inform them about how many treatments they need and don't falter. Your patients will know when you're desperate for cash. You're the boss, you're the doctor, it's your job to share how many treatments they need so by stepping into that role and letting them know, you will help instill a sense of trust and safety which helps them to feel comfortable and will book again. It's that simple, ask for how many sessions they can afford and book them.

4. Taking care of your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing all around. It is important to be clear when making business deals, treating clients and sharing our energy so they have a mirror to reflect upon when learning about how to live a healthier life. This would include having a daily spiritual practice or workout routine. Staying on top of our health allows us to hold a larger space for more patients, and subsequently more money.

5. Lastly, being a six figure anything isn't about the money! You cannot become wealthy when that's all you care about. The money will come. If you practice healthy money habits, you will have more than you need. It's more than just making a lot, it's also about budgeting, and really fine tuning the deeper root drives that cause you to spend outside of your budget or buy extra things you really don't need. I saved more than I could imagine when I chose to start living a more humble, more simple life while my friends were taking extravagant vacations and buying expensive cars they couldn't afford and stressing out.

Live simple, and live free. You will always be abundant when you do this.

Hoping this helps, and that you feel stronger knowing you have the tools inside of you. For more assistance, please call me or reach out. I'm happy to help.

With love,

Dr. Tomasino

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