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Exploration into inner realms

Have you ever felt like you had more to offer the world but couldn't connect with or know what your gifts are? 

Do you feel disconnected to nature, your true self or to the divine? 

Are you dealing with depression, anxiety, low self esteem or fears that hold you back in life? 

Are your relationships challenging, draining and stressful? 

Do you have trouble finding hope, motivation or focus in important areas of your life like your career or family? 

Dr. Tomasino's workshops are geared towards helping you to feel empowered, successful, happy and free of all that holds you back from your deepest desires! Through her workshops, you will gain: 

  • Powerful insight and understanding about who you are and your path

  • Clearing of old traumas that will no longer control your mindset and your journey

  • An awakening to a new, more positive, brighter future that awaits you

  • Development of intuitive abilities

  • Increased energy and stamina 

  • Better sleep and more calm demeanor

  • Decreased or diminished anxiety

  • Living from a place of empowerment and joy

  • Feeling peaceful and at ease, confident and poised in life

  • Healthier relationships and tools to help mend what may be challenging or need healing

  • Greater sense of self and connection to God or the Universe 

  • Increased self confidence

  • Opportunity to connect to new talents and abilities as well as connect to hidden inner gifts 

  • and much more! 

Each workshop is meant to help you learn the basic ropes of shamanism that when applied to your life is sure to give you the tools to achieve and to help you reach your goals!  

Join the next workshop and see for yourself! 

Intro to Shamanic Journey Workshop

Experience shamanic healing techniques, in conjunction with acupuncture, nature, hiking and new friends in beautiful Idyllwild, CA.  

  • Stay overnight for two nights in beautiful cabin in the woods

  • learn how to develop intuition

  • connect with plant spirits

  • learn Native American Shamanic drumming and journey techniques

Dates: Aug 25-27 2017

Cost:  $777

Intensive Shamanic Healing Retreat

Soul Retrieval Workshop

  • Learn how to 'see' beyond the senses

  • Develop intuition

  • Learn rituals for protection and uses for certain plants

  • Connect to animal guides

  • Discover deep healing techniques

  • Practice journeying by listening to the shamanic drum

  • Make new friends, discover new methods of healing! 

Dates in San Diego: 

July 21-23

Cost:  $397

Prepare to develop true shamanic skills, learn the ropes of journeying to the spirit that has been hurt, traumatized or injured in any lifetime.  

This is a class for students who have already taken the Intro workshops. 

Dates in Los Angeles:  July 14

Dates in San Diego:  July 16

Cost:  $197

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