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Between Zen and Now

A Journey Through The Modern Shamanic Matrix 

In her first book, part personal memoir and part spiritual manifesto, Dr. Ashley Tomasino takes the reader on a profound journey into the mystical world of Amazonian shamanism and plant-based medicine. Expertly weaving the mundane and the sacred, her own worldly experiences and encounters with higher spiritual realms, Tomasino offers a book that takes the reader on an exciting journey of reflection, personal evolution, and forgiveness.


It is a book is full of wisdom, guidance, and adventure in which the reader travels along with the author to the Amazon Jungle, into the maloca and the sacred ceremonies of ayahuasca, and then back to her life as a practicing healer and acupuncturist in San Diego. In sharing her own personal tragedies with humility and humor, and then how she forged a new path towards healing and rejuvenation, Between Zen and Now is a powerful guide for all those seeking personal healing and higher levels of spiritual awareness in their lives.


"This is a profound and intimate telling of a journey of self discovery. Ashley (or Dr. Tomasino) takes the reader deeply and in detail into her own experience of trauma and subsequent growth and healing. Insightful and raw, this story  takes the reader into the author’s inner psyche, the  jungles of Peru and realms outside of time and space as they are commonly experienced." 

Dr. Richard Gold, PhD, LAc

Co-Founder of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

"The book, Between Zen and Now, is a quintessential and revealing adventure, detailing the rise from life a most powerful life transformation. Dr. Ashley Tomasino, a highly regarded healer and medical intuitive, speaks with vivid color and description, taking the reader on an introspective ride that they'll personally gain from. Her experiences, and ultimate path of enlightenment, are sure to astound and inspire. This is a must read for anyone who wants to increase their vibration in life, and ascend to the next level."

Howard Flamm

Wellness Director at Ravive Health and Vitality, Screenwriter

"Walking into the unknown while being guided by an invisitible force is something many people have experienced and reported. In Between Zen and Now, Dr. Ashley Tomasino not only shares how she was lifted out of incredibly difficult times throughout her life by such forces, she also explains how she became a shaman. Through stories from her personal life journey and shaman initiations, she reveals ancient wisdom, secrets and healing for anyone feeling alone, unloved or lost or simply interested in exploring shamanic practices."

Dr. East Harradin, DAOM, LAc

Licensed Acupuncturist and Doctor of Chinese Medicine


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