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Experience a whole new world, a new you, and a new beginning! 

Are you feeling like you need a change? 

Has life become monotonous, and drab? 

Does it feel like you have skills, talents and abilities that are not being nourished

or experienced but you know there has to be a way to bring them forth?

Have you been craving the jungle or the mountains of Peru? 

In the Advocates experiential workshops, retreats and ceremonies, Dr. Tomasino brings forth the medicine work for groups looking to experience traditional medicines while integrating modern spiritual practices for a truly life changing experience.  

The retreats are meant to expose you to your deepest truth.  They are meant to help you, guide you and support you through to the other side of your highest and best potential

In the Advocates retreats, it is built upon building not only connection to spirit but to each other and to have right relationship with the plants, the earth and the universe.  

Included in all retreats is: 

Counseling to help you integrate your experiences

Unconditional support

Ayahuasca ceremonies

Practice working with Tobacco or other sacred medicine plants

Hiking, jungle excursions

Acupuncture treatments and therapeutic massage

If you are interested in participating in any Advocates retreats, please contact us today for more information or to place a non-refundable deposit to hold your space.  We are thrilled, honored and very much looking forward to supporting your journey on this incredible, beautiful life. 


The Advocates

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