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New Patient Forms and Policy Documents

Please fill out the required form and have ready for review upon your first visit.  You may also print out the form and fill out at the time of your appointment, but please arrive 15-20 minutes early to fill it out. Thank you! Your corporation is appreciated!  

New Patient Intake

HIPPA and Office Policy

Integrating Ayahuasca And Acupuncture for the Treatment of Depression, Research Paper

Cancellation Policy, Refund Policy and all Disputes

There are no refunds for any prepaid shamanic services pertaining to apprenticeships or healing programs.  

All apprenticeships are based on time of the apprenticeship, not amount of healing sessions included in the total cost.  It is not based on individual specific sessions or treatments.  The value of the apprenticeship is based on it's entire wholistic practice, which requires full commitment until the end of your program.  Results are variable and not tangible. Although we at Dr Tomasino's office are sympathetic to circumstances that may be outside of your control that may interfere with your work with us, we have to adhere to strict policies because we believe that commitment and dedication are what make a practitioner strong and talented. Any clarification on office policy or refunds, please refer to Dr. Tomasino for further questions or comments.


In order to discharge a patient or apprentice, Dr Tomasino must provide paperwork that releases them.   Your cooperation is appreciated.   Thank you!

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