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Advocates shamanic apprenticeship

Within a 3 month to 3 year training program, we are embarking on a journey of self exploration, connection to our inner wisdom and truth while learning from and developing a strong foundation of shamanism within.  We have created the Advocates Apprenticeship to help you become a healing practitioner with a strong, unique and a vast array of highly specialized training. 

This training is to help the world so that each individual will experience a beautiful life.  Advocates are people that provide services such as trauma relief, counseling, support and understanding during difficult times, promote health and well being and help people reach their life long goals. By becoming an Advocate, you become the type of person that the world would come to when they need guidance, healing and assistance with reaching their goals. 

1.  Why become an advocate?

A.     The world needs people like you who care

B.     Inside of each person is an advocate/an ally/strong practitioner

C.     We help provide a service that will create positive change for the world

D.     Being an advocate is heart centered and the world deserves more heart centered,                 caring people to help provide true understanding, kindness and compassion.  

2.  What is the program built upon? 

       The program is broken into four core modules that assemble the basic elements of educational material, experiences, techniques, tools and systems necessary to build a strong practitioner with a vast array of competencies. Whether you are partaking in the 3 month training to prepare for jungle medicines or you are attending a 3 year apprenticeship, the modules are broken down into equal timelines with space for integration and reflection in between active participation in the work. 

Module 1:   Healer, Heal Thyself 

Module 2:  Intro to Shamanic Journeying

Module 3:  Dieta and Plant Medicine Work

Module 4:  Residency

       A.  Native American Shamanism

       B.  Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, Philosophy and Principles

       C.  Shipibo Shamanism

       D.  Shamanic Drumming

       E.   Intuitive and Professional Development 

3.  What to expect. 

               i.           Traditional and Modern Integrative Medicine

              ii.           Practice working with Shipibo lineage in the jungle and in the states

             iii.           Learning personalized icaros, traditional chinese medicine dietas

             iv.           Nutritional counseling/advice and support to encourage optimal growth

              v.           Individualized shamanic healing sessions integrating acupuncture

             vi.           Customized treatment plans

            vii.           Involvement in shamanic journey workshops, sacred circles and events 

*Financing options are available through PayPal once your application is accepted and approved.  This is a non-accredited educational experience.  Dr. Tomasino reserves the right to refuse service at any time without explanation.  Only serious inquiries or applications considered and accepted.  Upon completion of the program, you are not awarded a certificate or diploma.  Results are not tangible, but experiential.  Dr. Tomasino reserves the right to increase prices for future apprenticeships without notice.  

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